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Eddie Guillemette

CEO & Director

After a 20 year career in investment banking in Boston, Sydney, Hong Kong, and London, Eddie followed his heart to the healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle in Niseko. A visitor to Niseko since 2001, Eddie and his wife Chi started investing in Niseko's property market in 2005 and formed MnK in 2010 to better serve the property management needs of owners in Country Resort. Outside of the office, he enjoys the abundance of fresh food and great restaurants, exploring Hokkaido, and spending time outdoors with his 3 daughters.

photo of Patrick Ohtani

Patrick Ohtani

General Manager 

Having been a repeat visitor to Niseko for a number of years Patrick decided to make the move permanent in 2014. Pat studied visual arts at university in Bristol and has a career background in hospitality and sales. He is an avid snowboarder, golfer and cook. 

photo of Rutsu Iwata

Rutsu Iwata

Property Manager

Originally from Rusutsu in Hokkaido, Rutsu feels like she has experienced enough snow to last her a lifetime and has little interest in winter sports. After finishing high school, she moved to Fukuoka to become a nurse and worked in a hospital for seven years. Looking for a new challenge, she started studying English and moved to Niseko in 2012. Whenever she gets the chance throughout summer, Rutsu spends her time outdoors horseriding, one of her favourite hobbies.

photo of Yoko Harada

Ikumi Yanagimoto

Human Resources Manager

Ikumi grew up in Sapporo, Hokkaido and since this time has spent several years living and working in Berlin as well as the UK. Ikumi draws from experience working as a freelance translator and the film distribution industry. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym, cooking, travelling and planning her next getaway.

photo of Yumi Shimmyo

Yumi Shimmyo

Finance Manager

Yumi is a Sapporo native, who has travelled and worked previously in New Zealand and Australia for a year each. She has been living in Niseko for about 10 years now and joined MnK in 2016. She had previously been working in accounting at a real estate agents. She loves being outside, and enjoys biking and gardening in summer and skiing in winter. Away from the office she enjoys travelling, trips to the beach and just hanging out with friends in the area.

photo of Luke Sandalls

Paula Czerniavski

Sales and Reservations Manager

Paula is originally from Transylvania, Romania. She studied Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University before working as a property consultant in central London. Having always held a passion for nature and traditions, she came to Niseko in 2017 looking to find a more meaningful career and healthy lifestyle, away from the urban jungle. Her hobbies include cooking, yoga & weightlifting, reading sci-fi novels and is thoroughly enjoying learning how to snowboard.

photo of Yoko Harada

Ben Toohill

IT Manager

Ben grew up in the seaside town of Redcliffe in Queensland, Australia. As MnK’s head of IT, he draws from many years of experience as a Mechanical Drafter from an engineering firm in Brisbane. Ben is an avid lover of the outdoors, and worked his first winter ski season at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort. Since this time, he has returned to Japan, and particularly Niseko for countless winter seasons. Ben is drawn to the lifestyle of Niseko, and thanks to the incredible landscape and climate of the area, he can enjoy his greatest passions; hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking.

photo of Toshio Odajima

Meda Czerniavski

Owner Liasion

Meda is originally from Sighisoara, Romania. Before joining the MnK team she  worked for an Italian bank, and more recently as an HR Manager in Bucharest. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, reading and also spends time studying new trends in management and organisational development.

photo of Yoko Harada

Yoko Harada

Summer Sales & Development Manager

Yoko grew up in Sapporo before moving to Sweden to study for a number of years. After finishing her studies, she moved to Niseko in 2010 working as Marketing Assistant at the Hilton Hotel and Land Operator at a travel agency. She loves exploring Europe and regularly travels back there on holidays. She enjoys the lifestyle Niseko offers where she has time to travel, enjoy nature, meet new people and still remain close to her family in Sapporo. 

photo of Yooja Kim

YooJa Kim

Head Operations Manager

YooJa is originally from Chiba and has been living in Niseko for the past four years. Prior to this she lived in Saipan in the Western Pacific where she enjoyed windsurfing, scuba diving and the laid back pacific lifestyle. Her favourite season in Hokkaido is autumn when she can take in the beautiful colours with a nice glass of wine. When not at work YooJa often explores Hokkaido for new food delicacies or helps her friends out at the famous Sutsu Oyster shack where she can impressively shuck 100 oysters in one minute!

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Yukari Minatogawa

Officer Manager

Yukari hails from Osaka. While she still loves her home town, she really likes to snowboard and mountain bike. After venturing up to Niseko every winter to work and snowboard for five years, Niseko really grew on her and she made the permanent move about four years ago and hasn't looked back. 

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Tomomi Nishi

Office Administration Assistant

Tomomi grew up in Saitama prefecture, in the Kantō region. Previous to joining the MnK team, she worked as a pastry chef in an Australian restaurant. Her passion for travelling has sent her to some exciting places around the world, including Australia, Europe, some of Asia and the United States. At the age of 23 she travelled from Perth in Western Australia to Brisbane by car (over 4,000km). Be sure to try one of Tomomi's delicious baked treats next time you're at the Cedar Coffee Co. van.

Photo of Nicole Posa

Nicole Posa

Marketing Manager

Nicole calls sunny Perth in Western Australia her home, and this is where she studied a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a Master of Marketing. Having worked for a few years in a tourism marketing company, she was ready to experience something new and see what else the world had to offer. Nicole loves snowboarding, but summer is hands down her favourite season of the year, for its abundance of fresh produce and all the outdoor activities on offer.

Photo of Erika Dunphy

Erika Dunphy

Marketing Assistant

Originally from Tokyo, Erika has recently joined the MnK team after graduating from college in the United States. Although she loves city life, she appreciates the slower paced lifestyle that Niseko offers, and is excited to spend time surrounded by nature. Her love for photography and stunning landscapes is a perfect match for Hokkaido.

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Tim King

Director of EdVenture Niseko and MnK Events

Tim is an Australian native who has spent the most part of his life growing up in bustling Hong Kong. With a background in education, specifically Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, combined with his passion for the outdoors, there is no one else we could imagine leading the EdVenture team. When not planning our next MnK event, you’ll find him building and exploring. If you haven’t done so already, Tim insists you get here in summer. “Make Niseko your base, rent a car, and explore!”

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Jack Woods

EdVenture Niseko Team Manager

Jack is originally from Nottingham, UK but has spent the most part of his life growing up in Hong Kong. With a background in education, specifically Health and Physical Education and Coaching, combined with his joy for the outdoors made Niseko the perfect location. When he’s not working with EdVenture you can find him out exploring the beauty that Hokkaido offers.

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Adam Clifton

The Orchards’ Operations Manager

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Adam studied Audio Production before landing a job in the industry as a senior technician for an audio-visual company. His work has led him to assist with film sound and live sound mixing for bands. He moved to Niseko to experience mountain life in 2016, something that isn’t really possible in his home town of Australia. When he isn’t playing music, he loves fly fishing and exploring the mountains, and is now totally hooked to snowboarding thanks to the epic snowfall Niseko receives in the winter.

Photo of Shannon Quaid

Shannon Quaid

Cedar Coffee Co Manager

Growing up in Queenstown, New Zealand, Shannon has always been drawn to a mountain lifestyle. Having studied a degree in Fine Art at Dunedin Art School, he went on to travel the world, completing ski seasons in his home country and Japan. Shannon has since returned to Niseko where you can now find him managing our coffee cart, Cedar Coffee Co. Stop by the cart this winter and taste one of his famous coffees!

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Tomomi Michi

Guest Services

As a Hokkaido native, Tomomi calls Asahikawa home. After graduating, she worked at a hospital as a nurse for roughly four years before deciding to go travelling. Tomomi set off for a working holiday in Australia where she lived for a year, and after this, spent time working winter seasons in Niseko. On days off, you’ll likely find Tomomi shopping, spending time with friends, and trying out new restaurants.

Photo of Yukari Meadows

Ryusuke Akae

Guest Services

Ryu was born in Kanagawa, but grew up in San Francisco. Before joining the MnK team here in Niseko he worked in places like Tokyo, Singapore, Canada and San Francisco as a translator, intepretor and in the F&B industry. His love for food and nature however, are what drew him to Hokkaido. When he has free time, you'll likely catch him cooking, trying out new wines, growing vegetables and herbs, or simply outdoors hiking or playing sports. He is most looking forward to settling down and calling Niseko home.

photo of Toshio Odajima

Ayako Tamaki

Guest Services

Although from Mukawa Town, Tamaki calls Atsuma Town her home now. Before coming to MnK she was a Trainee Manager at a hotel and restaurant, and has had experience with service arrangement in Sapporo. In her spare time she enjoys DIY activities and hitting the slopes to snowboard. During the summer, she also enjoys fishing and road biking.

photo of Yuko Ono

Nao Taguchi

Reservations & Guest Services

Originally from Akita, a mountainous prefecture in Honshu, Nao and her family later moved to Sapporo. She has spent the last 7 years in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and in this time progressed from speaking very little English to complete fluency. Her love of the snow and a chance at a slower paced life brought her back to Hokkaido. In summer, she loves to visit Sapporo and watch baseball games at the Sapporo Dome, chill out with her dog, go hiking and visit onsen. She is looking forward to skiing lots this winter.

photo of Yuko Ono

Zoe Tripp

Reservations & Guest Services

Zoe was born in Hong Kong but she grew up in the UK. For the last 4 years, she has travelled around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Whilst initially Zoe was drawn to Niseko for its perfect snowboarding conditions in winter, she enjoys the batting cage in Sapporo, and discovering new restaurants in summer. Her favourite Japanese food is nagashi-somen.

photo of Yuko Ono

Zoe Tripp

Reservations & Guest Services

Interestingly, Zoe was born in Hong Kong but grew up in the UK. A travel bug through and through, prior to arriving in Japan, she lived in New Zealand and has spent the last few years travelling around South East Asia and Australia. In winter you'll find her on the slopes in search of powder, and in the warmer months she can't resist the call of Niseko Gelato's fresh, handmade ice cream. Zoe is currently on a mission to track down Niseko's best burger, so be sure to get in touch with her during the booking process if you'd like to hear her recommendations.

photo of Yuko Ono

Hazel Hughes

Reservations & Guest Services

Hazel grew up in Ontario, Canada and has been living in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 6 years where she attended university. Before joining us at MnK, Hazel worked at a rehabilitation clinic in Vancouver and was applying to graduate school. When she wasn’t accepted in the program she wanted, she decided to put her plans on hold and try something new! She loves skiing and snowboarding, so Niseko was top on her list for places to travel to. In her spare time, she enjoys watching the sunrise, running, practicing guitar and reading.

photo of Yuko Ono

Azusa Ohura

Reservations & Guest Services

Azusa is originally from Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo. Having majored in Economics at university, she went on to work at a local bank for 5 years. Her desire to travel and study English inspired her to leave her job and live and work in Banff, Canada for a year. She soon realised that living in a place surrounded by nature brought her a lot of joy. Azusa looks forward to hiking in the summer, and as a basketball fan, she hopes to catch a few professional Japanese basketball games in Sapporo this season.

Alistair Shelley

Real Estate Sales Manager 

A long time resident of Japan, Alistair has a varied background in teaching, sales and hospitality. Arriving to Niseko in 2006, Alistair calls Hokkaido home and enjoys the unique change in seasons northern Japan offers. Although a moderately keen skiier and snowboarder in the winter, he is an avid golfer and can be found on the golf course for days at a time in the summer.

photo of Kazuya Nomura

Kazuya Nomura

Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Kazuya recently made the move to Niseko from Yokohama in 2016.  He has extensive experience in the real estate industry and is well versed in customer acquisition. He is a keen kite–surfer throughout summer always chasing the wind along the coast. He also has a drysuit so he can get out into the ocean in winter as well. He hopes to participate in the national competition in the future and when he isn't kite-surfing he studies hard to improve his english.

photo of Yuko Ono

Yuko Ono

Development Manager & Real Estate Transaction Specialist
2nd Level Architect/Interior Coordinator

Yuko started with MnK in 2016. Originally from Gifu prefecture she spent time working as a renovation designer in Tokyo and has backpacked extensively through Europe, the Middle East, North & South America and Australia. It was actually while travelling that she heard about Niseko from some other travellers. She has spent two winters here and is definitely hooked on the powder snow. Outside of work she likes to ride motorcycles, snowboarding and gardening and in the future wants to build her own house in the area.

Photo of the Gilf

Laurie Gilfoy

Development Liaison

Originally from Leicester in England, Laurie spent years exploring the world trying to find his dream home and girl, and was lucky enough to find them both four years ago, here in Niseko.  Initially working as a private ski instructor he has transferred his communication and language skills from the hill to the office, starting full time at MnK in the summer of 2015. Niseko is a place he feels he can indulge in his passions; outdoor sports, food and photography. 

photo of Toshio Odajima

William Jefferson

Assistant Development Liaison

Will is originally from Snohomish, Washington. He worked at a ski area back home called Steven's Pass when he was a teenager, and since then always liked the mountains and snow. After going to college in Japan, coming to work in Niseko was the natural decision. On his days off, he likes to take photos and tour around.

photo of Toshio Odajima

Naoki Tsuchida

Maintenance Manager

Originally from Saitama Prefecture in Japan, Tsuchida is no stranger to travel. Having lived and worked in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Tsuchida now calls Niseko home. His desire to live a simpler and quieter life, surrounded by nature is what drew him to Niseko and has kept him here. When he isn’t providing maintenance and support to MnK houses, he enjoys snowboarding and skateboarding. As a skilled carpenter, he hopes to one day build his very own house.

photo of Toshio Odajima

James Robbins

Maintenance Team Member

James hails from Scotland, and has spent the last few years travelling the world. He previously worked full time ground handling planes in airports in New Zealand, before deciding to head to Niseko. James lives an active lifestyle, so during winter you'll catch him snowboarding as much as possible. In summer, he loves visiting Sapporo to watch baseball games or attend festivals.