Property Management

Our Services

MnK is resourced with a committed team of full-time employees and additional experienced seasonal team members who join the team during the peak of the winter season. We are here to ensure you are getting the most out of your assets in Niseko, either as a holiday rental property, or through general maintenance and upkeep of private holiday residences.

Rental Bookings

The Rental Management services include marketing of your property, payment collection, professionally handling all check-in, check-out, property condition and service issues as well as maintaining quality housekeeping and cleaning services. MnK allocates bookings without favor to ensure all owners share equally in rental booking opportunities.

Landscape Maintenance & Snow Clearing

MnK attends to the regular maintenance of yours and your neighbours’ gardens and lawns so that when you arrive the natural environment surrounding your property is pristine and beautiful. In a location like Niseko (which receives 15 metres of annual snowfall), maintaining access and snow management are very real issues. MnK ensures that this considerable snow fall is nothing but a blessing when you’re in residence and professionally managed throughout the winter.

Inspections & Maintenance

The team at MnK have in-depth knowledge of the Niseko area, as well as an extensive range of contacts throughout the region which enables them to seek the best prices for the services required to maintain your property. MnK will attend to regular house inspections, preventative maintenance and repairs to maintain and protect your property investment.

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