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Stand out from the crowd and gain real life experience in a positive and supportive work environment.

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Work with MnK Niseko and gain hands on experience in the tourism, hospitality or food and beverage industry.

MnK Niseko always welcomes students who are interested in gaining a unique, international experience in Niseko. With a thriving summer and winter season, opportunities are available year-round in a range of positions.

You can easily apply for an internship with MnK Niseko from our online application form.

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Explore a career path. An internship position can provide you with valuable work experience in a safe and structured environment and in a number of different fields.
Learn from others. The MnK Niseko team is diverse, with varied backgrounds and for some, decades of experience. Prepare yourself for future employment and build confidence.
Make valuable connections. MnK Niseko offers the opportunity to gain professional feedback and develop professional relationships that will last long after your internship ends.

"I learnt a lot of things with MnK that I could never learn at university. Above all, I appreciate everyone's kindness... I would love to come here again."

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