Booking Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to any booking you make with us in person, via phone or electronic communication. These terms also apply to all travellers in your booking and to any guest services booked for individuals in the group.

Terms and Conditions

Enquiries and Quotes

All enquiries and reservations for properties managed by MnK can be made by email to or via telephone on +81 (0)136 55 5122. All quotes for accommodation and services are valid for 7 days from time of issue and subject to availability. Services quotes are based on prices supplied by our preferred agents, having been vetted by MnK to meet our service standards.

Confirmation and Securing a Booking

Until acknowledged in writing by MnK and/or payment is received for an accommodation booking, the status of the booking is not confirmed. Accommodation may be ‘held’ for a customer for a period of 7 days until which time it will be cancelled unless payment has been received. By making any payment towards accommodation bookings you acknowledge and accept our booking terms and conditions.


All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or updated without notice. The price is only guaranteed when paid in full. Please note that prices quoted are subject to change. Price changes may occur due to reasons outside of our control that increase the cost of the product or service. Such factors include, but are not limited to: cost of cleaning, heating or snow clearing.

Payment Details for Standard Bookings 2020/21 Winter

Guests will cover their own bank/credit card fees.

Payment Details for Standard Bookings 2021/22

Guests will cover their own bank/credit card fees.

Payment Details for EdVenture Early Bird Bookings 2021 Summer

Guests will cover their own bank/credit card fees.

Payment Details for Early Bookings 2021/22 Winter

Guests will cover their own bank/credit card fees.

Payment Details for Non Refundable Bookings

Guests will cover their own bank/credit card fees.

Promotional Campaign Policy

Promotional and campaign pricing (e.g. Early bird bookings) will be subject to different conditions as laid out at the time of booking. This policy will override standard booking policies.

Early Bird Payment Schedules

MnK Early Bird Payment Schedule for 2020/21 Winter

Payment schedule is as follows:

EdVenture Camp/Accommodation Package Early Bird for 2020 Summer

Payment schedule is as follows:

Property Policies

Property Damage

The guest in any MnK property shall pay in full for any damage outside normal wear and tear. This includes breakage to items such as plates, glasses or lamps. MnK will do an inspection of the property upon check out, however, any breakage or damage must be reported to staff as soon as possible.

Lost or Missing Keys

Lost or missing keys will result in a penalty of ¥15,000 per key.

No Smoking Policy

All MnK properties maintain a strict no smoking policy within the building. Should any guest or lessee be found violating this policy, an immediate ¥80,000 fine will be imposed and management reserves the right to evict the guest or lessee without notice or refund.


All MnK properties hold a no pets policy. As such, any guest or lessee found to be holding a pet inside a property will be fined and management reserves the right to evict the guest or lessee without notice or refund.

Property and Resort Guidelines

To ensure a safety and enjoyment of all guests at properties and resorts managed by MnK rules and regulations have been established. These rules will be explained to guests upon check-in and are available upon request. Any guest who violates these rules or negatively impacts upon the enjoyment of other guests, may be fined and management reserves the right to evict the guest or lessee without notice or refund.

Additional Persons

Each house can accommodate up to a certain number of people. Please kindly inform us of the total number of guests including small children before you proceed with the booking. In the event that at any time during your booking period, the number of guests staying at the property under your reservation exceeds the number disclosed by MnK, you will be charged an additional 100% of the nightly rental fee for each additional undisclosed guest. If the undisclosed guest/s exceeds the maximum capacity of the property, and we cannot accommodate extra persons, MnK has the right to immediately cancel your booking without refund.


While highly unlikely, MnK and/or its agents reserve the right to change, modify or cancel a reservation or arrangement at any time. Should payment have been made, this will be refunded to the guest in full. MnK and/or its agents also reserve the right to decline a reservation at any time.

Cancellation Policies

Please ensure you take out travel insurance at time of booking to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may result in cancellation.

Accommodation Cancellation

Cancelled bookings will incur charges. These charges can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking, regardless of whether stay has commenced. Fees and extra charges will apply where a booking is changed. Where we incur any liability for a cancellation fee or charge for any booking which you cancel or change, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of that fee or charge. This applies to fees set by service providers. You will be required to pay a deposit when booking.

Accommodation 2021/22 Winter Policy

MnK Cancellation Policy:

Accommodation 2020/21 Winter Policy

MnK Cancellation Policy (as of 2 December, 2020):

All guests who booked via online travel agents or other third-party travel partners should contact their booking provider for information on their cancellation policy applied.
Accommodation 2021 Summer Cancellation Policy

Summer Bookings, defined as checking in between 29 April and 30 November:

1-3 night stay
4-20 night stay or more
21 night stay or more
Accommodation Changes or Amendment Policy

Changes to a booking, such as property change, date change or number of persons, are subject to availability and are not confirmed until expressly written by MnK. Any change resulting in reducing the number of nights or properties is treated as a cancellation as per above schedule. A change can be made to a booking only within the same current season (winter and summer), but does not apply to moving to another season. Fees will apply.

Accommodation Non Refundable Policy
Guest Services' Cancellation and Amendment Policy

By asking MnK to act as an agent on your behalf to book guest services, you accept that cancellation and amendment fees may apply to any booking irrespective if payment has been made. Please check with MnK about specific cancellation fees that may apply to your booking.

Guest Services' Cancellation Policy Including Tours and Private Snowsports* Lessons

* Snowsports are defined as being: Private Ski and Snowboard Lessons and EdVenture Niseko Winter Kids' Camp

EdVenture Camp 2021 Summer Cancellation and Amendment Policy

In light of the current situation, we have temporarily changed our summer booking policy.

Extenuating Circumstances Cancellation Policy

Temporary policy is as follows:

Standard policy is as follows:

Refund Transaction Fees

Note on the refund transaction fees:

Travel Insurance


MnK strongly advises that all guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover themselves against medical expenses, personal accident, damage and loss of luggage, cancellation fees, etc.

Passports and Holiday Visas

Guests are responsible for arranging any necessary passports and visas. Japanese visa requirements vary greatly for individual countries. Contact the Japanese consulate in your country for more information.


MnK may include transfers to and from Niseko – Hirafu in its bookings. Third party transport operators provide this transportation. MnK accepts no responsibility for any delays, accidents or incidents that affect our customers. No refunds of accommodation costs or any other related services will be given if the customers are unable to arrive on the day of predetermined booking including travel being impaired by weather conditions and likewise MnK and/or its agents will not be responsible for providing additional accommodation in the event customers are prevented from leaving Niseko – Hirafu due to unforeseen circumstances including weather.

Weather Conditions

MnK cannot be held responsible for weather conditions. No accommodation booking can be refunded on the basis of weather conditions.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Limited Liability

You and your booking party hereby acknowledge and agree that you and your guests:

This indemnity includes:

Registration Form

At their arrival the guests will have to sign the following registration form:By signing this registration form, you, as the nominated guest responsible for your reservation, irrevocably authorise MNK to deduct any outstanding accommodation charges, vehicle transfers, ski rental, lift passes, ski school reservations and any additional services arranged through Midori no Ki (“MnK”), in good faith, on your behalf; and you accept financial responsibility for all charges incurred by or on behalf of those guests whose contact and passport details are contained in this reservation (“your booking party”). Any cancellations made outside of the conditions specified in our cancellation policy will attract a 100% charge for services.

Additional charges may be imposed on you for damage to any property caused by you or any member of your booking party: in particular, any damage to the property reserved for or occupied by you or your booking party, any loss of or damage to the contents thereof, and any items which are found by MnK, either during or immediately after your stay, to have been removed from the chalet. MnK will notify you via email or phone of such loss and/or damage, and will charge you for the lost and damaged property and/or items on a replacement cost basis plus any necessary and incidental expense incurred in the repair and/or replacement thereof. You and the members of your booking party hereby agree that you and they shall comply with the terms and conditions of this registration form and all other rules relating to guests’ stay at any MnK managed property as set out on our website and other manuals, and that MnK is the managing agent for the property which has been booked in your name, or which you and your booking party occupy.

Be advised that weather and snow conditions can be hazardous and as such all guests must be prepared for the prevailing environment. Build-up of snow on roofs, ice on roads, walkways and steps are dangerous and all guests are advised to be aware of the risks of falling snow loads and slippery the event that at any time during your booking period, the number of guests staying at the property under your reservation exceeds the number disclosed to MnK you will be charged an additional 100% of the nightly rental charge for each additional undisclosed guest. If the undisclosed guests exceed the maximum capacity of the property and we cannot accommodate them, MnK may immediately cancel your booking without refund.

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