Frequently Asked Questions

Onsen Tours

I am staying at The Orchards, can I use the driving service to get to the onsen on the tour?

No, on the onsen tour we take our guests out of the Niseko United boundaries away from the crowds so they can experience the most special onsen Niseko has to offer.

Can I wear a swimsuit in the onsen?

It is custom to enter an onsen without clothes. To learn more about the tradition that surrounds soaking in a Japanese onsen, and the guidelines for bathing, see here.

Can I bring a towel into the onsen?

You may bring a small modesty towel to the onsen area with you. Please do not allow your towel to touch the water, instead place your towel on the side of the onsen or on top of your head. We will provide you a modesty towel along with a large bath towel to dry yourself off with after your onsen.

Can my children go in the onsen?

Yes, young children must be accompanied by a guardian to enter the onsen. Please note that older children must go to the bath assigned for their gender.

If I have a tattoo, will I be allowed in the onsen?

Traditionally you are not permitted to use an onsen if you have tattoos. However, please let us know if anyone in your group has a tattoo and our team can select an onsen that allows tattoos.

Do I have to shower before I go in the onsen?

Before entering the onsen you must wash and rinse yourself thoroughly in the shower area. There are faucets with removable shower heads and stools to sit on. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel is provided. Please note that entering the onsen while still dirty or with traces of soap on the body is considered unacceptable.

Can I bring a drink into the onsen?

Yes, please ensure it is not in a glass/breakable bottle. We encourage you to drink lots of water before and after getting in the onsen so you remain hydrated.