Frequently Asked Questions

Snowshoe Tours

What do we need to wear?

We advise you wear waterproof ski/snowboard jacket and pants as you will be walking through snow. A good pair of winter boots/shoes are also essential, we do have some we can lend but numbers/sizes are limited. Gloves & winter hat are a must and goggles/sunglasses are always handy especially as the snow can be very bright on a sunny day.

My children are younger than 4 years old, can we still do this tour?

If your children are 2 - 3 years old and you are happy to carry them you may be able to do a snowshoe tour. We also may be able to customize a tour to fit your group’s ability level, in these cases please inquire within and let us know the age and fitness of the members of your group.

Is this tour suitable for elderly people?

We recommend the Kabayama rige for grandma and grandpa, however please let us know their age and ability level and we will see if we can customize a tour they can also enjoy.

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