Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Kids Camp

How many children will be in each group lesson?

To ensure we give the best possible lesson for every participant, we limit each lesson to a maximum of 5 children of the same ability level.

Can my children be in the same group for the afternoon ski lesson?

Whilst it is possible for siblings and friends to take part in the same lesson in the afternoon, this is strictly based on age and ability. Our priority is ensuring each participant gains as much knowledge and experience as they can during their time on the mountain. It is much safer for each child to be in a group that matches their ability.

Will you take photos of the children during the morning activities and ski lessons?

Yes, photos will be taken during the day and sometimes during ski lessons, please note that this is offered as an additional free service. Guests can access the photos when we send out a link via email. Usually, this is sent out about a week after the participants time at camp has concluded.

For the pick-up and drop off service, is this only for guests staying at an MnK property?

All guests staying within the Niseko United area can benefit from our pick up and drop off service.

What time is pick up and drop off each day?

Pick up will be between 8:45-9:15 and drop off between 16:15-16:45 each day. The time will depend on weather conditions and where each child’s accommodation is located. If the participant is signed up for a half-day, drop off will be between 12:30-12:45.

For the off-mountain morning activities, where will these be held?

The morning activities will always begin at the MnK EdVenture Clubhouse located at The Orchards. For some activities, we may take the children off-site. For example, for a snowshoe trail close to the MnK EdVenture Clubhouse or another trail a 10-minute drive away. Another off-site activity is going to a local ski hill to test any creations the children have made.

Will the morning activities and ski lessons be conducted in English?

Yes, all our MnK guest services are conducted in English but most of our activities are very active and visual, so if conversational English skills are fine. (If a child has limited English please let us know during their registration)

Where will the ski lessons be held?

The lessons will be held at either Niseko Annupuri Ski Area or Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Area. This is weather dependent and our instructors will choose the most appropriate resort suitable to their group’s abilities and ages. Parents are able to contact the MnK EdVenture team on the day to know the location of the lesson.

Are rentals and lift passes included?

If the booking is made for three or more consecutive days, rentals and lift passes will be included in the price and will also take them to get fitted and return all the equipment once their time at camp has concluded. However, if a booking is made for one or two days of winter camp rentals and lift passes are not included and will have to be booked and collected prior to when the camp begins.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, lunch is provided for both half-day and full-day sign-ups.