Kids' Adventure Maps
October 1, 2018

Kids' Adventure Maps

On the premises of both The Orchards and Country Resort, we have trails for kids to walk along and find baby frogs, flowers, and a few wooden animals made by our very own Stu and Kana.

Grab one your own maps at the front desk of either resort and take your friends on a very special walk in the woods! Be careful in Country Resort as there is the river but if you know how to fish, feel free to try that as well.

On the map, we have noted where the animals are located but they can always move right? Try to find where they might have gone and if you see new ones or find anything else we should put on the map let us know!

You are welcome to pick the baby tomatoes from our farm but please be considerate of other people and share the goodies.

The Orchards

At The Orchards, we have our very own vegetable garden and playground so be sure to check which animals might be hiding there as well. On the path to the secret forest, stop by the noted areas and see what little adventures you can find and create on your own.

Let's begin!

Begin by leaving the main entrance and you'll see the fun playground we have.
Stock up on some of our yummy tomatoes before you go on your adventure

Next make your way around the resort and you'll see...

Maybe take a few minutes to rest up before your adventure
Next to the hammock we have a little berry field - right now we have blackberries!
I made a little friend on my adventure, who will be your buddy?

Continue on....

And you'll see one of the two entrances to the Foot Path to the Secret Forest!
What kind of plants/flowers/creatures can you find on your adventure?
Don't always look down though, you might find something if you look up as well

A little more and your almost out of the Secret Forest!

Where do you think this photo was taken from?
This is the other sign that you can go in from or will come out of

How was your Orchard Secret Forest adventure? We'd love to hear all the stories of what happened! 

Country Resort

Similar to the Orchards, Country Resort has a little farm in front of the office, and by the restaurant stands a few wooden animals. Can you find them all?

Off we go!

Path the playground in Country Resort, you'll see the Foot Path entrance to the Secret Forest. Make sure to be careful of the river and watch your step!

You'll see our first fishing bridge

Feel free to do some fishing but make sure to be safe!

Continue on and you'll make it to the second bridge

Step into the Country Resort Secret Forest and you'll find so many adventures and stories that you can talk about when you come out

When you're out of the forest, stop by the tomato tree by the playground and maybe you'll be as lucky to fill up your hat? 

When walking around the resorts and in the Secret Forest make sure that safety is most important! Always be aware of your surroundings but also remember to have fun and enjoy the nature! We cant wait to hear about all your adventures!

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