Cat and Phil of Sangye Yoga London Are Here To Inspire You
February 19, 2017

Cat and Phil of Sangye Yoga London Are Here To Inspire You

We are excited to announce Cat and Phil of Sangye Yoga London will be coming back for the 3rd consecutive year and will be teaching a series of classes/workshops. Don’t be scared by Phils posture demonstrated above- it’s there to inspire and you won’t be expected to do this in class :)

Bookings are now open; there are limited spaces still available so book now!

Please see Marika's Facebook Page for more information here.

Timetables and Prices

23 Feb (2月)  木 
Open Class:
The Orchards Niseko

24 Feb - (2月) 金 
The Orchards Niseko
¥4,000 日本語通訳付

25 Feb - (2月) 土 
The Orchards Niseko
¥4,000 日本語通訳付

26 Feb - (2月) 日 
Experienced Level Class:
Hirafu 188


10% off for any two classes.

20% off for three or more classes

About the Open Class

Designed as a ‘taster’ for the upcoming workshops - (All inquisitive levels welcome).

About the Workshops

Foundations of a vinyasa practice (all inquisitive levels - VERY beginner friendly).** With Japanese Translation  日本語通訳付**

These two workshops will dig deep at the roots of a VINYASA practice drawing from fundamental components found in a balanced class: breath, bandha, drishti, surya namaskar, standing, forward bending, twisting, back bending and inversions.

Contrary to modern interpretation, vinyasa doesn’t simply imply flowing, dynamic or a class with music. VI means “order” and NYASA translates to “conscious placement”. In these two sessions, students will learn how to breathe consciously and pair the movements with breath awareness. This application is no different from how we would want to live our lives…deliberately and mindfully.

It is highly suggested that BOTH days are attended to get the maximum benefit from learning through repetition

The pace will be slow and steady with time for questions

About the Experienced Level Class 

Designed for those with previous yoga experience and is meant to challenge but also inspire and uplift. It is not recommended for complete beginners.

About Cat and Phil

For those of you who don’t know who Cat and Phil are, Cat is one of the main reasons Marika started teaching yoga. She is incredibly inspiring and teaches with integrity and authenticity, and while her asana (Posture) form of yoga is not Ashtanga, I can still draw a lot from her teachings into my own practice. Phil’s Ashtanga practice spans a over a decade and in true form, the insights of a student has become translated into what he humbly imparts as a teacher. His methodical approach is based on assessing flexibility, strength and technique so you can expect homework! In addition to co directing Sangye Yoga in London, Cat and Phil lead teacher training courses at their studio and hold workshops and retreats all over the world.

For Full Bio please see the Sangye yoga website.

Please email Marika to book or if you have any questions! 

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