WINNER! The Orchards Niseko~ Asia's Best Resort Residence, Japan

June 20, 2016

For the second year running, The Orchards Niseko has won the award for Asia's Best Resort Residencies, Japan. Thanks to all our guests, owners, builders, the local community and MnK and NRG teams for their support!

As part of the award we were featured in Property Report's Annual Book celebrating the winners from across Asia. You can see the spread below.

Spread from the 2016 Property Report "Asia's Best Resort Residencies"

With more houses being built right now, and exciting plans for the clubhouse and commercial space, The Orchards Niseko is going from strength to strength and our guests will be the ones who continue to reap the rewards in all seasons.

Local friend and professional photographer Glen Claydon, captured the busy work going on last week.

Image courtesy of Glen Claydon Photography
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