EdVenture Niseko Summer Kids' Camp
May 9, 2015

EdVenture Niseko Summer Kids' Camp

Too often, we tell ourselves we need to spend more time with our loved ones. Whether we find ourselves dashing out the front door in the morning, or treading softly past closed bedroom doors when we arrive home at night, that sudden twinge of yearning for pure family time is sadly a stranger to no one. That’s why we partner with EdVenture every summer to provide a unique vacation that completely extinguishes any sense of remorse that may linger after a busy school year.

Imagine your children learning what sustainable living is all about as they pick berries at an organic farm and tour a local dairy farm. Or finding out how invigorating fresh mountain air is, as you summit a volcano and take in the 360 degree views around you. Embrace Japanese culture with Taiko drumming and local school exchange. And experience zipping up your tent for a cosy night’s sleep on the shores of Lake Toya. Ask any past camper about their childhood fun at camp and you’ll see their eyes light up meaningful memories.

Escape to a chalet at Country Resort or a brand new home at The Orchards in Niseko this summer, and give your kids an experience they won’t soon forget. Visit the EdVenture website for more details and to register.

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