EdVenture: A Day at Camp
July 13, 2015

EdVenture: A Day at Camp

The annual EdVenture Camp has officially kicked off its first week, based at MnK’s The Orchards’ Clubhouse. The camp provides an action-packed week of fun for kids with guaranteed relaxation time for adults during a one-week escape to Niseko. Find out more about what a typical day at camp is like:

When you wake up in your cozy chalet at Country Resort or character home at The Orchards, chances are you’ll need a minute to take in the incredible mountainscape that surrounds you. After taking advantage of your fully equipped home, join an international group of families at the Clubhouse for the day’s activities. Your children might be particularly excited on this day for a hands-on tour at a local farm, led by special guests – their peers from the Japanese regional school district. Watch as curiosity overcomes shyness and new friendships are forged. Join your kids and their new pals in learning about the daily operations of a sustainable Hokkaido farm. Feed the farm animals, complete woodworking tasks, and pick (and sample!) organic berries.

Afternoon activities at camp are designed to help kids get the most of the mountain air, the old-fashioned way! Join them to rediscover the joys of a game of capture the flag or let kids do what they do best in the hands of their capable counselors. There is plenty to keep adults busy too…whether it’s a round of golf at a nearby award-winning course, or a glass of wine on your private patio.

Cap off the day with a sensational trip for your tastebuds, guided by one of Niseko’s renowned chefs. These artists and their teams that prepare such delightful creations in the winter season are able to up the ante when summer comes. Green season brings fresh organic produce and locally inspired dishes that are sure to please. The only thing that will drag you away after a delectable dessert are your sleepy children, who can’t go to bed without safely tucking away the names of their new pen pals.

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