Fabulous Fall Hikes in Niseko
September 29, 2015

Fabulous Fall Hikes in Niseko

Niseko is lucky enough to enjoy four distinct seasons every year, and we’re about to embark on the most distinct (visually, at least) of them all! The vivid landscapes that autumn brings in Japan are so celebrated, there’s a special name just for fall colours. Kouyou is about to take over the slopes in Niseko, and we can’t wait to pull out the hiking boots to experience it up close.

If you’re considering a quick trip to Niseko this autumn for some fresh fall air and seasonal fare, there are plenty of hiking options for all ages and abilities. Young families might consider a jaunt on the tidy wooden pathway to Shinsen Numa pond. Hangetsuko (Half Moon Lake) is a popular snow-shoeing destination in winter and is just as peaceful in the fall, with bright leaves and wildlife abound. 

If you’re ready to head up high, then the summit of Mount Annupuri has your name on it. Hike the golden trail all the way up or tackle the summit after riding the Grand Hirafu Summer Gondola to the upper station…either way, the views from the highest peak in the Niseko mountain range will captivate you.

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