First Snow of the 21/22 Season
October 17, 2021

First Snow of the 21/22 Season

初雪 Hatsuyuki of 2021/22 Winter Season

Today, October 17th marks the first snow of the 2021/22 winter season. With temperatures dropping 10 degrees from the day yesterday, the high of today is only 7 degrees celsius.
Waking up to a slightly white car, driving up towards the ski mountain to see that the snow has covered almost half way down was truly a sight to see.

Typically, snowfall starts at the top. Beginning on the tip of Mt. Yotei (getting everyone excited) and slowly making its way down the altitudes to hit Mt.Annupuri. When the snow hits Mt. Annupuri, that is when the ski season begins to feel reel and just around the corner. However, today everyone was stunned to see that the snow had covered down to around 500m of Mt. Annupuri, visible from quite afar.

Unfortunately the forecast for the week is only rain, so the snow fall we saw today may melt away but it sure has kicked off the hype for the ski season to come this year!

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