ICOR: The new skincare line inspired by Niseko
November 1, 2021

ICOR: The new skincare line inspired by Niseko

Beauty lovers rejoice - a new skincare line has launched in Niseko! Inspired by the region’s beauty and precious natural resources, ICOR is the newest artisanal brand to open their headquarters in the area.

According to ICOR’s website, the brand was named after the Ainu (native Hokkaido people) word for ‘treasure’ and aims to inspire their customers to appreciate their inner beauty and nurture their ‘shine’ from the inside out using naturally derived ingredients.

A full line is already available, read on to learn more about each product and its inspiration, plus a peek into the brand-new showroom and cafe in Niseko

Sake Facial Toner

Using spring water from Mt Yotei and local Junmai sake, this toner contains amino acids to moisturise, clarify and firm.

Oil in Mist Toner

This multi-use, all-over toner has a mist applicator and contains rice bran oil, rice ceramide, collagen and essential oils for a relaxing and moisturizing pick-me-up any time of day.

Balancing Serum

Containing rare shirakaba (white birch) sap from Niseko and Vitamin C, this balancing serum refreshes the skin after long days and prevents dry, deflated skin.

Sake Facial Cream

This creamy moisturizer uses locally sourced Junmai sake and rice bran oil from Hokkaido to balance oils and create a glossy, bright effect on the skin.

Face Cleanser

Reset your skin with the daily facial cleanser that gently removes dirt and sebum using Angelica root extract and Gagome kelp extract.

Cleansing Oil

The luxurious cleansing oil with rice bran and essential oils like lemongrass removes makeup and dirt while softening and gently cleansing the skin.

Sake Sheet Mask

Using Mt Yotei spring water and local sake, the sheet mask firms the skin and draws moisture in to create a supple and firm texture.

Lip and Eye Serum

The lip and eye serum is a convenient, multi-use product that can be used day or night to moisturise and brighten with Vitamin A.

Hand Cream

A lightly scented, moisturising hand cream to protect the skin from the elements. Refreshing and non-greasy, you can give your hands luxurious nourishment on the go.

Antibacterial Spray

A must-have for everyone in 2021, this naturally fermented alcohol spray disinfects and sterilizes and includes green tea extract, white birch sap and honey from Hokkaido.

ICOR Showroom

The newly constructed ICOR showroom, cafe and store is located at the bottom of Mt Yotei at the intersection of Route 5 and Route 66. The building has a striking design that can’t be missed, with a distinct wave shape building that draws the attention of passers-by.

Inside, you’ll find a tranquil space with barista-made coffee, locally sourced snacks and light meals and a display of all the ICOR products. Outside is a gorgeous outdoor seating area overlooking the forest and river below. Although it is at a major intersection in Niseko, the building has been designed so that visitors feel solitude and calm inside the building, and tranquillity from the sounds of nature outside.

There is a large courtyard at the entrance that is yet to be developed, but our guess is that a garden or art display will arrive there soon.

If you’re a skincare buff looking for some new goodies or need a unique gift for your loved ones from Niseko, we highly recommend a visit to ICOR’s new shop or take a look at their online store.

ICOR Niseko is located less than 10 minutes from Country Resort and The Orchards - stop in on your next trip to relax with a coffee or sample some of the products!

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