Japan Announces Relaxation of Border Policies
September 22, 2022

Japan Announces Relaxation of Border Policies

Japan Announces Relaxation of Border Policies

On Thursday the 22nd of September during a speech at the New York Stock Exchange, Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan gave a speech announcing the long anticipated relaxation of border measures.

This is what has been announced so far:

  • From October 11th 2022, Japan will be open to individual tourists with visa free travel.
  • It will no longer be a requirement to reserve your stay/plan your trip with a registered travel agent in Japan.
  • You will no longer need a tour guide to accompany you during your time in Japan.

If your looking to visit Japan this year please feel free to contact our friendly and reliable Reservations and Guest Services team by emailing stay@mnkniseko.com or calling +81 (0)136 55 5122.

After what feels like an eternity, it looks as though the winter wonderland that is Niseko, will finally be open to travelers from overseas and we eagerly await your arrival!

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