Local Restaurant Rundown Episode 1: Yosaku
December 20, 2016

Local Restaurant Rundown Episode 1: Yosaku

Join us for the first episode of an ongoing winter series where we introduce some great local eateries and restaurants that you can enjoy while on your winter escape with MnK.

Episode One: Yosaku


Metres from Hirafu’s main road and MnK Niseko's holiday apartments – Akazora, sits Yosaku. A delightful little Yakitori restaurant, Yosaku is nestled cosily behind a bamboo door leaking the tender smell of charcoal and barbecue. Decorated with Japanese art work, sake and wooden carved furniture, Yosaku’s friendly and skilled staff do a fine job at serving great food with a smile. 

The lack of English speaking enhances the Japanese experience, with the English menu making it easy for guests to choose from a delicious and authentic menu featuring grilled skewers, sashimi, Genghis Khan and many delicious deep fried treats. 

The warming atmosphere, open kitchen and great food will most certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

Video Credit and Review: Charlie Wood

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