“MIYAMA” Florian Busch Architects come to Country Resort

April 4, 2017

Those of you whom may have visited Country Resort over the last twelve months may have seen a new property coming together in the Yotei Facing Corner.

Miyama is a two bedroom ski chalet with a contemporary take on the traditional mountain accommodation theme. The new owners where keen to join the community of Country Resort but wanted to apply their own twist on ski chalet accommodation. 

MnK are exited to have be a part of this journey and we would like to give you an insight into one of our new additions this year:

Here are some words from the Architect Florian Busch:

“Concept and Design: The brief for this house was for a straightforward: simple, energy-efficient, maintenance-free unhindered views of the volcano Yotei to the east.
In a world inundated with distractions, the house becomes a simple filter: Shut out the clutter and open up focused views on the serene beauty that lies behind: untouched wilderness all the way up to Mt Yotei.
Once we step inside, this concept is more and more evident. A wide entrance extends all the way through the house and onto the terrace, as if to show that the house really is but a gate. As we walk towards the terrace, glimpses of the sky reach us through the stairwell. Main bed and bath room are to the left and right and can be joined to form a suite along the entire east façade.”

Miyama is certainly a unique addition to Country Resort and we hope the twist of design will extend the reach of Country Resort and MnK. 

Miyama has been featured further publications:




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