New Niseko Development Update: Winter 21-22
December 1, 2021

New Niseko Development Update: Winter 21-22

Each year, the Niseko resort area and surrounding neighbourhoods continue to develop and thrive, even in the face of adversity. In the months leading up to Winter, the new developments start to take shape and announcements flood in - in this blog we’d like to share what’s new and what you can expect to see in Niseko this season!

New HANAZONO Resort Developments

A breakdown of what's new in HANAZONO Resort in 2021. Image: HANAZONO Resort

HANAZONO Resort has traditionally been known as the resort with the least amount of lifts and groomed runs, but the one with the biggest cult ridership thanks to its addictive sidecountry and tree runs. But that's about to change with the newest additions to the resort, launching this winter:

New HANAZONO Symphony Gondola
The new HANAZONO Resort Symphony Gondola. Image: HANAZONO Resort

This is a new 10 person gondola with a middle station, with the bottom station located at the old magic carpet location in front of Park Hyatt, and the top station at the top of the new Colly's Folly run

New HANAZONO Hana 1 Lift renovation

This lift's stations will remain the same, however the seats have been replaced with hooded 6-person chairs with heated leather seats

New HANAZONO groomed runs

2 new groomed runs will launch this winter, Juicy Fruit (Green) which can be accessed from the Symphony Gondola middle station or the Stairway to Heaven and Colly's Folly red runs. Colly's Folly (Red) is accessible from the Symphony Gondola top station or the Legend of Shinya black run.

New HANAZONO night skiing

Stadium lights have been installed at the resort, meaning night skiing is available from 4:30 - 8pm from December 18th, 2021.

New Restaurants in Niseko

TOMO's new concept - Kabayama
Niseko's new favourite lunch - The TOMO Burger

TOMO, our onsite restaurant at The Orchards initially launched as a modern izakaya back in Winter 19-20. But this season, we have a brand new bistro concept, serving your favourite soul foods from around the world and our delicous Cedar Coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can get an energizing breakfast for a day on the mountain, the perfect post-ride feast, or a delicious dinner (and a beer or two) to share with friends and family. Check out our opening hours and menu here.

Ichi Ichi Kitchen - Niseko Village
Pancakes and coffee at Ichi Ichi Niseko. Image: Ichi Ichi Niseko

New in Niseko Village is Ichi Ichi Kitchen, an all-day restaurant inspired by the different favourite cuisines of its chefs and the eclectic mix of cultures that makes Niseko special. “Expect mouthwatering dishes, beautifully crafted, presented and seasoned to perfection.” - Ichi Ichi

Bird Bake Shop - Kutchan Town
Freshly baked donuts from Bird Bake Shop. Image: Google Maps

The new kid on the Niseko-bakery block is Bird Bake Shop, whipping up delicious donuts, scones and cakes that are irresistibly cute, plus milkshakes and coffee.

Jamii Soup Curry and Bar - Niseko Town
The interior of Jamii Bar in Niseko Town. Image: Google Maps

Located near Niseko station, Jamii Bar serves up the local's favourite (Hokkaido soup curry) and an effortlessly cool vibe with unique artwork, comfy seating and regular DJ events.

Morideai Bakery - Kutchan Town
The cute exterior of Morideai Bakery in Kutchan Town. Image: Google Maps

Revamped in 2021 is Morideai Bakery in Kutchan Town. This classic Japanese-style bakery housed an the iconic brick building (look for the big white bear!) offers mouthwatering delights like melon-pan, croissants, potato ciabatta and cream buns plus soup curry, pizza and Hokkaido soft cream.

New Businesses in Niseko

The Yard

The Yard is the new big thing here in Niseko - a multipurpose space for locals and visitors alike to hang out and feel a sense of community in Japan's most diverse little-big-town. Inside The Yard will be a cafe/restaurant, juice bar, yoga studio, skate ramp, massage room and co-working space.

Hakkaisan Distillery
A look inside the new whiskey/gin distillery in Niseko. Image: Hakkaisan Distillery

Whiskey and gin aficionados can now finally take a piece of Niseko home with them at the Hakkaisan Distillery in Annupuri. The first batch of Niseko whiskey will be ready in 2024, and their Ohoro gin is now available to purchase, along with regular distillery tours.

ICOR Skincare
The new range of Niseko-inspired products from ICOR. Image: ICOR

Another artisanal addition to the Niseko scene is ICOR Skincare, a fresh brand inspired by (and using) the abundant natural resources the area has to offer. We've written a blog dedicated to all of the ICOR products and their showroom in Yotei - click here to read.

'Faces of the North' Hoodie from MtnSea. Image: MtnSea

MtnSea is a lifestyle brand, art collective and brainchild of MnK alum Luke Sandalls. Driven by the love for Hokkaido and its inimitable splendour, the creative designs capture "the chaos and flow of chasing waves and snow".

From original art and prints to streetwear for kids and kids-at-heart, MtnSea embodies the creative energy that represents Niseko and its residents.

Wanting to experience all the new fun in Niseko this Winter? Check out our comfortable self-contained chalets and apartments located just minutes from the action and start building your ultimate holiday with our team.

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