Night Skiing Is Underway in Niseko
December 13, 2016

Night Skiing Is Underway in Niseko

Night skiing in Niseko is awesome and it is well under way for the 2016/17 season. Here are 6 reasons you should definitely try night riding on your next Niseko ski holiday!

So what makes night skiing so great?

  1. To start with it is pretty neat and exciting to go skiing or snowboarding at night time and is something every snow enthusiast should experience at least once. It's just different and there is a certain calm and beauty to night skiing that needs to be experienced.
  2. The visibility is amazing! In Niseko, because of the enormous amounts of snow we get, visibility can get pretty limited in a snow storm during the day. The same is not true at night. It can be dumping and visibility is awesome due to the extra strong directional flood lighting. Also bumps and all the contours of the terrain are easy to see due to the pronounced shadows and highlights. The floodlights are so strong that the light penetrates through the trees, meaning more advanced skiers and riders can get off-piste as well.
  3. The temperature is usually about the same as it is in the day time. Providing the wind is not up, you may not even notice a difference.
  4. If it is a day where it has been snowing all afternoon you can get fresh tracks at night. If it has been dumping all day, chances are the night skiing is going to be unbelievable.
  5. The majority of people just don't night ski, meaning no queues! Whether its due to family commitments, tired legs from an awesome day or the notion that it will just be icy and tracked out– you will be sharing the slopes with only a select lucky few. Bliss..
  6. It's the best pre-cursor to really enjoying some après drinks, a hot meal or the nightlife of Hirafu straight after you finish. Or jump right on your MnK Niseko shuttle bus back to your warm and relaxing accommodation.

Check out this great footage of opening night at Hirafu.


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