The Orchards Niseko in Canvas Magazine
December 6, 2016

The Orchards Niseko in Canvas Magazine

Canvas Magazine is a high end lifestyle Magazine, circulated throughout Japan. It is a publication that crosses genres and looks at everything from populous cities and urban hubs, interesting personalities, to beautiful and secret natural landscapes and places. It is a magazine nestled in the lives of the people and the places they inhabit.

The latest issue has a full chapter on the beauty of Niseko in summer and we were grateful to have the contributors, photographers, chefs and their friends stay as guests at The Orchards. Being a Japanese magazine, their copy was in Japanese but we have provided a rough translation below.

There are many high end condominiums and second homes in the Niseko area. In winter Niseko is a vibrant and active place however in summer it is a little known get away. How can you spend you time here? In the dark nights a light glow can be seen from the Orchards houses and you get a sense of the exciting atmosphere.

This area is dotted with luxurious condominiums. The condominiums are matched with the style of the foreigners who visit from around the world, a refined taste which you don’t often see in Japan is used. In the busy winter season the quality of snow is so superior, the rooms are fully booked with people visiting from around the world. Come summer the winter rush has melted away and some accommodation is closed and left vacant. This is the place where travelers from all over come to settle and get together to celebrate life, and this is the party I was invited to.

It felt like I was in Northern Europe, with the well built, spacious, extraordinary houses of The Orchards and the polished furniture.  With a meal prepared especially for this day by Chef Masauji and wine connoisseur Chiku-san. With these two refined gentleman I completely forgot I was in the Hokkaido countryside.

Together with Maehara 孝植, who did the navigating for this trip, Tamaki Akihiko (彰彦) who moved from Tokyo and Chef Kamimura, we experienced the Niseko night life! Starting at BPM110 house music, with jazzy and funky sounds we sampled the drinks on offer. Chiku-san carefully hand picked the natural wine “Vin Naturel” and Chef Matsuhashi’s organic food went very well together. Niseko is a place where you get through the busy winter season and enjoy the luxury of summer. Living with nature you can enjoy the unique and precious time.

Mixed in with all the local people it’s easy to imagine that people living in Niseko are the happiest people there are.

Thanks to Canvas Magazine for the wonderful write up and we are very happy the team enjoyed there wonderful adventure in Niseko at The Orchards; it truly is the time and place to relax and be happy.

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