WAY EAST | Movie Premiere at The Orchards
January 12, 2017

WAY EAST | Movie Premiere at The Orchards

On Wednesday the 11th of January the Japan premiere of W A Y E A S T screened at The Orchards Niseko multi-purpose space. With Niseko Green Farm and Niseko Escapes catering, they definitely had their hands full given the turn out but did a great job. Somewhere in the vicinity of 100 people packed into the space and Aaron and Lena Stoffel thanked friends and helpers before the main event got under way.

20 minutes long, the movie's cinematography is phenomenal and everyone really got into the familiar, harsh and beautiful landscapes of Hokkaido. The mix of surfing and snowboarding and skiing with the soundtrack and editing also makes for a great overall experience of the rawness and excitement of a Hokkaido winter.

Charlie Wood captured some of the nights fun below:


Film Synopsis:

Freeriders are travelers, always seeking for more. More options, more adventure, more freedom, more truth. In April 2016, snowboarder Aline Bock and freeskier Lena Stoffel followed another call of wanderlust to explore the unique culture and wonder of Japan, a fascinating enigma hurtling towards the future while still staying rooted in the past. In Japan the sun rises every day again, always and after all, WAY EAST!

Breathtaking views, untouched landscapes, fresh powder lines and perfect waves were the reward for these two sportswomen, who carved their own path through this beautiful country, which had unfortunately turned into a white mark on the map after the disaster of Fukushima. The 20-minute WAY EAST documentary of two women, who left their comfort zones one more time to find happiness WAY EAST


Directed - filmed - edited by: MATHIAS KÖGEL 

Drone footage, additional footage, still photography by: AARON JAMIESON

Athletes: Lena Stoffel and Aline Bock

See the whole film below!:


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