Winter Yoga Is Heating Up in Niseko
February 23, 2016

Winter Yoga Is Heating Up in Niseko

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and together with meditation and other mind-body practices; it is only gaining in popularity. This surge of momentum isn’t surprising given its spiritual, religious, cultural, and physical underpinnings and it is a great way to improve general well-being.

At times we can all feel overwhelmed– with increased digital connectivity the paradox is that people may feel alienated or lacking time for personal reflection and growth. Similarly, with the blurring boundaries between work and home life; as well as the bombardment of suggestive marketing in our lives – it is important to find time to unwind.

While yoga originated in the warmer climate of India, people can enjoy yoga just about anywhere and there are certain benefits that make it a great winter activity to enjoy in Niseko:

  1. The obvious one is that after a few days of hard skiing or snowboarding and enjoying a holiday-tired bodies long to be stretched out and relaxed. It is a great way to rejuvenate.
  2. The sheer amount of snow that Niseko receives every winter means that we are often cloaked by clouds and don’t see as much sunlight as we might like.  There is sound scientific evidence to support the idea that the season can affect our moods and that people are prone to the winter blues due to shorter, darker days where they receive less light. Physical activity, along with proper diet and getting outside are the best remedies.
  3. The cold days of winter can make osteoarthritis pain even worse and yoga can have a positive impact by easing arthritis symptoms.
  4. Yoga helps us cleanse the kidneys and liver and lowers our stress which provides an immune boost to fight off winter germs!
  5. Yoga gets your blood moving and warms you up.
  6. For the seasonal workers and year-round locals winter is a busy time of year filled with work, skiing and entertainment, so finding time for some quiet reflection can be just what is needed.

Coming up in Niseko there are some special yoga events that holiday makers and locals can take part in. Stay tuned for more details shortly.

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