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Private Dining

With Niseko Gourmet's private catering service, you can share an amazing in-house dining experience with your family and friends without leaving the comfort of your own accommodation. A Niseko Gourmet Host and Private Chef will come to you, arrange the setting, prepare and serve you incredible dishes, and clean everything away so that you can relax and enjoy the experience.

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Prices update as of: August 2023

Pricing and Details

To easily compare pricing and details, we have compiled this PDF:
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Download PDF

*Sample Image courtesy of Niseko Gourmet

Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu (Meal Delivery)

Choose between Sukiyaki or Shabu shabu:
Sukiyaki includes:

  • 200g sliced Hokkaido Wagyu Beef per person
  • Chinese cabbage,  chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, onion, enoki, shiitake
  • mushrooms, tofu and udon noodles
  • fresh eggs for dipping sauce

Shabu shabu includes:

  • Your choice of either 200g of thinly sliced Hokkaido beef, Hokkaido Makkari herb pork, or Hokkaido chicken thigh & breast per person
  • Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, mizuna, leek, carrot, enoki, shiitake mushrooms,tofu,and udon noodles
  • ponzu and sesame dipping sauces

Sukiyaki: ¥6,500 per person
Shabu shabu: ¥6,500 per person for Beef | ¥6,300 per person for Pork | ¥6,300 per person for Chicken
*minimum order is 4 people
*delivery fee of ¥3,000
*10% service charge is additional fee

Seafood and Wagyu Dinner (Private Chef)


  • Smoked salmon, seasonal vegetables, yuzu, carrot, basil dressing
  • Shrimp, avocado mayonnaise and crackers
  • Hokkaido corn cream soup
  • Rock fish with pine nut butter sauce
  • Lobster, colourful sauce
  • Seared Hokkaido specially selection Kuroge Wagyu beef steak, red wine sauce
  • Assorted fruits

¥28,000 per person
*minimum order is 6 people
*10% service charge is additional fee

Japanese Cooking Class

Classes will be held between 10am and 2pm.
Choose from 3 different cooking classes:

  • Basic Japanese Cooking Class: Deep-fried tofu and Fried thin potato rolls with chicken. You can also learn how to make basic dashi (Japanese soup stock) and how to apply it using the same seasonings
  • Ramen Cooking Class:  Shio ramen (salty taste) and Shoyu ramen (soy sauce taste) You will learn how to make soup and how to make the toppings boiled egg and roasted pork.
  • Sushi Cooking Class:  13 kinds of sushi, tamagoyaki (egg roll), clear soup You can learn how to make sushi rice, how to make sushi, and how to make tamagoyaki

Basic & Ramen Class: 1-2 people ¥40,000 | 3 people ¥ 54,000 | 4 people ¥60,000
Sushi Class: ¥20,000 per person (minimum 4 people)

**Provided by Niseko Gourmet. There are many more meal delivery & private chef menu options, please inquire if interested.

Cancellation Policy

  • A catering order reservation may be cancelled with no charges up to 7 days (14 days for Seafood & Wagyu Dinner) prior to the event. Cancellations made inside 7 days (14 days for Seafood & Wagyu Dinner) will forfeit 100% of the total payment.
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Cancellation Policy

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Book Online

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made on or before 15 days prior to the activity start date will incur no penalties except an administration fee.
  • Cancellations made on or within 14 days prior to the activity start date will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  • By reserving guest services through MnK Niseko, you accept that cancellation and amendment fees may apply to any reservation irrespective if payment has been made. Please check with MnK Niseko about specific cancellation fees that may apply to your reservation.
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