Dominwari Discounts on Accommodation for Hokkaido Residents
June 30, 2020

Dominwari Discounts on Accommodation for Hokkaido Residents

What is Dominwari?

The Hokkaido government will offer discounts to tourist-related businesses under a system called Dominwari (どうみん割). Dominwari will be rolled out from 1 July, 2020 in an aim to promptly recover travel demand that has significantly fallen due to the impact of coronavirus.

Discounts are available to Hokkaido residents only for travel expenses in Hokkaido of up to ¥10,000 per night. The total grant contributed by the government is ¥2.3 billion, and the campaign will end when the budget has been reached.

Dominwari allows tourism businesses to offset rates, in turn reducing the price for guests to reserve their accommodation. As part of this incentive, MnK Niseko is offering reduced rates to Hokkaido residents who choose to stay with us for 2 nights/3 days throughout August. See our full offer details in Japanese here.

Hokkaido residents save money based on their spend within each category. See the table below for a breakdown.

Table outlining the amount of money Hokkaido residents save on each product as part of Dominwari

What is New Hokkaido Style?

Dominwari is open to businesses that implement the "New Hokkaido Style". "New Hokkaido Style" refers to the points of effort that businesses are being asked to implement in order to prevent the spread of infection. These points include:

  1. Ensure that all staff wear masks and frequently wash their hands
  2. Monitor the health condition of staff
  3. Regularly ventilate and air out your facility
  4. Regularly sanitise and wash facility equipment
  5. Ensure that all staff keep a safe distance
  6. Call upon customers to follow proper cough etiquette and wash their hands
  7. Proactively inform customers about your efforts

We are actively implement the "New Hokkaido Style" safety recommendations

Feel Confident In Our Care

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is top priority. Precautionary measures mentioned above are being actively implemented, as well as further steps to ensure our guests' wellbeing which can be found in more detail here.

Our resorts remain open, and we look forward to welcoming you to stay with us as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Please feel free to contact our friendly and reliable Reservations and Guest Services team by emailing or calling +81 (0)136 55 5122. For travel inspiration and local tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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