Meet Our MnK Interns, Ami and Felix
March 12, 2017

Meet Our MnK Interns, Ami and Felix

The Shiribeshi regional office has provided internship programs to university students to get some hands on experience working in the region. MnK is one of the companies that is participating in this program to share our knowledge of Niseko property management and tourism. For a three week period we have Ami and Felix with us (as seen in the main photograph together with our Sales Manager Alistair, and Orchards Niseko concierges Emily and Jess).

Luke asked them a few questions to get a better idea of their background and thoughts on the region and working at MnK Niseko. After that we have a little post from the guys, Ami's in Japanese and Felix's in English and Charlie got some photos of them enjoying a snowboard lesson at NISS.

Felix and Ami

Hi Ami and Felix, so tell us where do you live?

Ami: Japan, Tokyo

Felix: Australia, Sydney

Is this your first time to Niseko/Hokkaido?

Ami: Yes, My first time!

Felix: Yes

What are your first impressions of Niseko?

Ami: I found Niseko is really unique place where Japanese become a minority in winter time. People who you pass in the town are from outside of Japan, and a variety of languages are spoken around you. Since I came here for improving English and other language skills, I feel this is a great environment for me to learn. Oh and the snow! I was surprised the snow here is really powdery and beautiful.

Felix: Niseko is incredibly beautiful and enriched with so many different cultures.

What brought you to be working as an intern at MnK?

Ami: Firstly I wanted to do an internship to grasp how the company system works and broaden my perspective before I graduate my uni and actually enter working society. Also I chose MnK because this company is pretty international so I can get to know many people from abroad.

Felix: Having worked in the retail space, I felt that I wanted to try something completely different.

What are you hoping to get out of your time with MnK?

Ami: As I mentioned above, I'd like to know how the system functions here and see MnK's approach to the hospitality industry which is slightly different from a Japanese hotels one. What I like about doing an internship here is I can ask as many question as I want from both Japanese and non-Japanese employee perspectives so that I can see the company from many aspects.

Felix: What I'm hoping most from my time with MnK is some practical experience and career advice that I can apply to in my own future.

What are your future plans with study and life in general?

Ami: Not really fixed yet, though I think I'd improve my language skill more and like to use them in my future job. Before i did internship in MnK, I wasn't really thinking about Hospitality as my future job, but  this opportunity to work here interested me into the field. Thank you so much!

Felix: I want to travel more, understand myself better and know how I can contribute to the bigger community.

Make Mistakes: Blog Post Entry by Felix

When I left home for Japan, one thing was set on my mind. And what I meant by this was to do as much as everything as humanely possible. Meet people, make friends, travel as much in Japan, discover wonderful and exciting places, try new things, and definitely learn the language. 

Everything was a struggle at first, but they say success is the moment in time when you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. And I did actually notice as time went by, adjusting my lifestyle here become less of a hassle, and more of a pleasant ride. I was learning something new each day whilst having so much fun all together. It’s like a rollercoaster ride, and you are blindfolded the whole way, not knowing which direction you will go next. And although my time in Japan is about to end, the time I’ve spent here will become immeasurable towards my future.

Times flies when you’re loving every moment and every second of what you are doing.

And that's how I feel about snowboarding is like honestly. Learning how to snowboard for the first time was in many ways similar to my time in Japan. Both required my absolute determination to succeed and the ability to overcome different obstacles. You fall down, make mistakes but at the end learn something new right?

But I couldn’t try snowboarding at all without the generosity and kindness of certain individuals. Larry Addler for example was immensely helpful. They were welcoming, patient and could tend to all my questions and queries. They’re situated at the heart of the Grand Hirafu so definitely check them out if you want go snowboarding or skiing.

I also definitely have to mention the great work of NISS (Niseko International Snow Sports School). Staffs at NISS are super friendly and the registration process was super easy, with clear instructions on what to do next. The lessons themselves were absolutely terrific. Instructors are very supportive of your learning and teach you everything they know so you leave the lesson learning something new. If you love to try either snowboarding or skiing, I strongly recommend NISS. You may think you don’t need lesson, but I learnt the hard way that having lessons (even if its only for one day) could really improve your skills and can enable you to enjoy the powdery snow of Niseko so much better.

If you are interested in interning with MnK yourself, head on over to our Internships With MnK page. We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals to join our team.

Blog Post Entry by Ami







スノボギアを今回お借りしたのは、ラリーアドラー・スキー&アウトドア ニセコ店( LARRY ADLER RENT A SKI NISEKO ) シドニーを拠点とするオーストラリアのアウトドアストアの唯一の日本店。お世話になりましたアドラーさん!!


















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