MnK Welcomes Interns from Temple University of Japan
February 20, 2023

MnK Welcomes Interns from Temple University of Japan

Each year, MnK Niseko welcomes interns seeking hands-on experience in an international environment. Over the this winter 22/23 season, we partnered with Temple University in Tokyo for students who would be interested in interning for our guest services, marketing, and kids camp department. Through this process, we were fortunate enough to have 2 strong applicants, Koko and Ayaka.

Before concluding their internship, we asked  both of them to tell us a bit more about how their experience panned out and what moments stood out the most. Find out what they had to say below.

First, an introduction from both of them.

Koko: My name is Koko Sharif from Kanagawa, Japan. I am a junior majoring psychology at Temple University, Japan Campus.

Ayaka: My name is Ayaka from Saitama. I’m studying psychology at Temple University Japan campus.

What makes Niseko a good place to do an internship?

Koko: Niseko is very beautiful place surrounded with lots of nature and great people. This is my first time coming to Niseko and had no idea what to expect. However, not only Niseko has great working environment but there are also many winter activities and new adventures that everyone can enjoy. People here are very positive and fun which made the internship here enjoyable.

Ayaka: Niseko is the best place to interact with people who came from all over the world. Also, there are more English speakers than Japanese especially winter season so it is a good environment for people who are keen to improve their English skills.

Do you think internships are valuable/important?

Koko: I think it is very important for everyone before going to real career. Because doing intern made me realize what I am interested in and provide me with experience of what is like to work at the company in real life professional setting.

Ayaka: think an internship is significant because Students can understand the social structure and evaluate the ideal company from an objective viewpoint which is helpful to make their own decisions for their future careers.

Why did you choose MnK for your internship?

Koko: I chose MnK Niseko because I wanted to try something different than being in Tokyo just working at the office. I had no plan for what I want to do after the University and had no idea what working at the company would be but MnK Niseko offers intern to experience different department and fields which I thought the best opportunities to figure out what I would want to do in the future. Niseko is best place to use both Japanese and English daily so that was also one of my interests for MnK Niseko as well.

Ayaka: An internship in MnK Niseko is able to experience not only one department, but also different kinds of fields such as kid’s programs, guest services, and marketing. I have not decided what I want to do for my future career so different types of jobs might help to expand my perspective and reinforce flexible thinking depending on the situation. Also, it gives me an opportunity to understand the structure of the company and learn the importance of working as part of society.

Lastly, what did you enjoy most about doing your internship with MnK?

Koko: I enjoyed the real-life work experience and the work and life balance. I could find what I would love to do in the future through this internship with MnK Niseko. While I was working with Marketing team, I really enjoyed creating content for Instagram and learned about what Marketing in MnK Niseko do. Guest service team and Edventure also made me realize that I love both outside and inside job. During the off day, I got to enjoy snowboarding and many restaurants around the town. Great people, food and activities were all perfect to do internship with MnK Niseko at Niseko. Thank you so much for everything!

Ayaka:  I have spent an exciting internship with people who have so many different backgrounds. I have talked about future challenges and goals not only in Japan but also expanding the perspective in the world. The most attractive thing in MnK Niseko is to be able to have a balance between both working and private lifestyles.

If you are interested in interning with MnK Niseko or of any graduate positions, head on over to our Internships With MnK page. We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals to join our team.

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