MnK Welcomes Sapporo Gakuin University Interns
March 12, 2020

MnK Welcomes Sapporo Gakuin University Interns

Each year, MnK welcomes interns seeking hands-on experience in an international environment. Over the winter season, Takeshi and Soma, students of the Sapporo Gakuin University, joined the MnK team to develop their professional skills across a broad range of departments. The pair joined our Marketing, Real Estate and Development, Maintenance and Concierge teams garnering a broad range of experiences.

Before concluding their internship, we asked Soma and Takeshi to tell us a bit more about how their experience panned out and what moments stood out the most. Find out what they had to say below.

Our intern Takeshi with the MnK Real Estate and Development team
Starting with Takeshi, please tell us what you are studying at Sapporo Gakuin University?

I’m a student of Sapporo Gakuin University, and my major is business management. I’m also studying English.

Takeshi, do you think internships are important for university students?

Yes, I think so. There are 2 main reasons for this. The first reason being that it is possible to get work experience before starting as a full time employee. Experience of internships will help our future job. Second reason is that I can see the other side of the company with my own eyes, and this is very valuable. Just studying at college and having a part time job is not enough to know such a thing.

What makes Niseko a good place to do an internship? I.e. Why would you recommend Niseko to someone who is thinking about doing an internship here?

I would recommend Niseko to everybody who wants to do an internship or not. Experience in Niseko will bring you lots of precious things. Especially if you also want to improve your English, Niseko is the best place. It is because there are lots of foreign people in Niseko, so you can speak English a lot just by living in Niseko. Not only can you improve your English, you can enjoy great nature in Niseko.

In winter, you can enjoy winter sports. Actually, I seldom do winter sports, but I have enjoyed the wonderful view of Mt. Yotei. It is very beautiful. The view of Niseko is very great. I want you to experience great nature in Niseko.

Why did you choose MnK for your internship?

When I was choosing a company for my internship in Niseko, I was given 3 options. The reason why I chose MnK from 3 options is because my professor recommended MnK to me. She said that MnK’s people are very good and kind. Then I started working at MnK, and I found what she said to be true. They are very kind to us. In particular, I think my MnK share mates are pretty great. One day, they held a welcome party for us, one day they treated us to dinner, and one day, my life was saved by one member when I was locked outside and I was dying of coldness. I’d like to say thank you to everyone. I really appreciate it.

Lastly, what did you enjoy most about doing your internship with MnK?

I enjoyed learning lots of things at MnK. In this internship, we have worked in several different departments, so I can learn lots of things every week. I can get business management skills as well as improve my English ability.

My main department was real estate. To be honest, I was not interested in real estate so much before joining this internship, but I have become interested in the field and enjoyed learning it through working with the real estate team. And now, I am studying real estate myself.

I’ve achieved one purpose that I wanted to achieve in Niseko, and that purpose was expanding my career options. From now on, I’d like to get more knowledge and information in order to expand my career options in the future.

Soma with his Concierge team at The Orchards Niseko
Next up, Soma. What are you studying, Soma?

My major is Economics at Sapporo Gakuin University.

Do you think internships are important for university students?

Yes, internships for Japanese companies are important, but I think internships for companies like MnK are even more important. Working at MnK will be a turning point in my life. Of course, in a good way.  I was able to get experience and see various ideas.

What makes Niseko a good place to do an internship? I.e. Why would you recommend Niseko to someone who is thinking about doing an internship here?

There are many opportunities where you can and must use English, with a chance to talk to many foreigners. There are many foreigners who do not understand Japanese, so we can actively help each other. It will improve your English skills, and you can help them to learn Japanese.

The adjacent ski area has also become a motivation to come to Niseko for an internship. You can enjoy work and winter sports. Even if you are a beginner, everyone can teach you because everyone likes winter sports. Also, you can make friends with everyone.

Soma, why did you choose MnK for your internship?

My senior came to MnK last year as an intern. She recommended MnK to me. My senior told me that the staff at MnK were gentle. The explanation in the email from MnK was polite and when I came to MnK, all the team created an environment where we can work. I knew that I had made the right decision.

Last but not least, what did you enjoy most about doing your internship with MnK?

I enjoyed talking with all of MnK's team, everyone is really kind. MnK was my first internship experience. Because my English is still improving, I was anxious about the experience. But everyone slowly talked to me and my listening skills have improved little by little. I'm proud of my old self who chose MnK.

Thank you again to Soma and Takeshi for joining us this winter season, your support and hard work has been extraordinary. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and hope to see you both in the future.

If you are interested in interning with MnK yourself, head on over to our Employment page or send an email through to We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals to join our team.

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